The UpCycle Canada Podcast: Your Eco-Friendly Inspiration

E43 - Hiske MacKay from MacKay Candles

August 24, 2022 Dave and Jennifer Campbell : Eco-friendly, Small business, circular economy and repurposing Episode 43
The UpCycle Canada Podcast: Your Eco-Friendly Inspiration
E43 - Hiske MacKay from MacKay Candles
Show Notes


Hi guys!  We wanted to share another vendor from our store!  Hiske MacKay created a soy candle business that has grown in a very short time!  MacKay Candle Company has great products - focused on candles!  Hiske, her husband and 2 young children operate a farm here in Ontario Canada, and somehow finds the time to run a successful candle business on the side!

We wanted to introduce you to Hiske, her family and her amazing candle business!

Here are some of the MacKay Candle Reviews!

Absolutely loved the crackling birch scent. I prefer more earthy scented candles to sweet, and this one is right up my alley. The candles are also gorgeous, and look great even when not lit. Will purchase again!

Love love this candle scent!!! A different take on the traditional vanilla and the hint of raspberry is amazing!

Candles smell delicious and customer service is fantastic!

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